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Superhero Comic Strip 09/15/2010

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Hi all!

Erica and I are SO EXCITED to show off our newest project. This one’s got some serious fun to it, especially because we now have half our friends lining up to be in it too! I’ve wanted to make a real life comic strip for a couple of years, but when Erica and I sat down to plan things out, we decided it needed to be a superhero comic, because we’re total nerds and love that sort of stuff. So we got dressed up in our finest underthings and went out on the town to stop any potential villains (mission accomplished…for now). This is honestly the most fun I think we’ve ever had and we can’t wait to do more of these (and with the amount of people clamoring to participate, it could go on for a awhile!). Our superhero names are actually our college radio DJ names, just in case you were wondering 😉 Without further ado, I present:

The Adventures of Liz Vicious and Penny Lane (An E Squared Playhouse Comic!)


Families: Diane 09/01/2010

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This shoot was very different from others we’ve done. My coworker Kassi asked me one day if we might want to shoot with her boyfriend’s grandmother. They recently discovered that Diane, Jared’s grandmom, has cancer and must undergo chemo and other treatments. Before she underwent chemo, however, she wanted to get some current photos of her and her beautiful long hair. Every woman in her family has had long, gorgeous hair and she wanted to show it off once more before going to cut it down before losing it to radiation. She also wanted her photos to have a very antique feel to them; she wanted sepia tones, black and whites, etc. Nothing modern, just very simple and with a vintage vibe to them.

Diane is a woman that can take control of the room from the moment she walks in. These kids may be her family, but I can see where her take charge attitude and positive demeanor would work outside her household, too! (She even bullied me into taking her money ;)) Despite all the people you see in the photos, this was one of the fastest things we’ve ever gotten through. It took maybe an hour, but it was honestly so enjoyable spending time with Kassie and her boyfriend’s family that I hardly noticed the time. They were all so nice and accommodating and clearly willing to do anything that Diane wanted for her photos. I can’t tell you how pleased we were with the photos and I hope Diane loved them too! Here are some of our favorites from the session:

A big thanks again to Kassi and Jared’s family to letting us be a part of this. Diane is an extremely inspiring woman and I don’t doubt she’ll give cancer hell. Nothing’s going to beat her that easily, especially not with that whole family by her side!




Families: The Longs 08/15/2010

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This one’s for my new family! Jason and I have been together almost 7 years and as we’ve recently become engaged, I get to be lucky enough to have his family as my own. Jason’s brother, Jamie and his wife Angela, welcomed their third baby boy (!!) into the world. At 8 pounds, 11 ounces, he’s absolutely beautiful! Their two older sons are Ethan, 8 years old and entering the 3rd grade this year, and Dylan, who is 4 years old and a total cheeseball!! Here are some photos of the newest addition as well as two of my favorite boys (and with my soon to be mom-in-law!):

Colin Joseph, I can’t wait to see what things you bring into the world. Hope you and the boys enjoy your paparazzi Auntie 😉

Next up, we have an amazing family portrait session of an inspiring woman with her children and grandchildren. There are so many images, it’s hard to choose, but I can’t wait to show these off!




Family: Catherine & Rowan 08/11/2010

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Catherine is one of my coworkers at chocolatepaper. Her daughter, Rowan, is seriously so mature, she ‘s 11 going on 30. I wanted to show off some photos from our previous PLAY Magazine shoot. They were nice enough to be my models and I was happy to get photos of them! We’re going to try and shoot again in the fall when it’s cooler, but we had so much fun with them climbing the monkey bars and rock wall, running around and of course, Catherine doing her cartwheels 😉  I definitely want to do more of the two of you together, so let’s do it again soon ladies!




Portraits: Miranda 07/30/2010

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Miranda won our little contest we did back in March. Once we finally got our schedules coordinated (well, hers and Erica’s more than mine), her photos were one of the last batch to get taken up on the rooftop terrace in front of downtown Roanoke and the Mill Mountain Star! She’s feeding me rumors we might take her engagement shots, which I’m super excited about (you hear that, missy? You can’t disappoint me and take it back!) because she and Andrew are adorable. Miranda is so funny, perhaps more sarcastic than I am (!!), and incredibly easy to talk to about anything (when she came to pick up her photos, it was easy for us to get sucked into anti-wedding talk!). Let’s celebrate with photos!

Oh Chucks. A girl after my own heart ❤

I super-duper-cannot-wait to hang out with her and Andrew for their engagement session. It’s a little ridiculous, but it’s only because I know how much fun we’ll have and how great they’re going to be for the photos. I know they’ll be up for just about anything!




Senior Photos: Laura 07/22/2010

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We got the opportunity to do some more photos for Roanoke’s Parks and Rec PLAY Magazine. Last night, my coworkers from chocolatepaper, Laura and Catherine, along with Catherine’s daughter Rowan, went out to Brown-Robertson park to play on the rock climbing wall and play some soccer. I’ve been promising Laura some senior photos–she just graduated from Hidden Valley High School and is attending JMU in the fall. We’ll just call these pre-college photos 😉 We got a few in before the sun got away from us and we still want to get together and take more in a different location with props. Laura is not only gorgeous, smart, and kind, she’s also one of the most fun people I know. She loves doing spontaneous things (like making a break and playing monkey up the rock climbing wall at the park!) and she’s got some great ideas for her photos that we simply must make happen! Without further ado:

For the record, these two photos below are pretty much the EPITOME of Laura. Silly, funny, and too white to be gangsta. 😉

Can’t wait to schedule another playdate with you when we both have a day off together! 🙂 Next up are photos of Catherine and Rowan and Miranda’s portrait session after she won our contest a couple months back. We’ve got some more stuff scheduled that we can’t wait to shoot and then show off!




The Roof is on Fire: Ben 06/21/2010

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph my good friend Ben. We all went to college together; he’s now a music teacher in Fredericksburg, VA, as well as a performing musician. He attended a convention in Nashville and stopped by to visit on his way back home. We were smart enough to think ahead and plan for some amazing photos, since he wanted to take advantage of our rooftop terrace special! He’s been wanting some new photos for his website, where he’ll be able to showcase his music, offer lessons, etc. Ben was a terrific model and we had a great time, albeit a bit sweaty in the sunny sun! Luckily, he’s hot enough without the summer heat! Here’s some proof:

I guess it’s obvious I love a man in aviators. Luckily, he was able to wear mine! 😉 It was so good to see him and he’ll be back in July, so maybe we can get more photos then! Thanks for being such a good sport, Mr. Titus 🙂

We’re got more shoots this week, so more fantastic photos will be up soon!